Salt Mango Tree Movie Review

Salt Mango Tree Movie Review

Salt Mango Tree tell us the story of a nuclear family, and their little dreams. This movie starring Biju Menon directed by Rajesh Nair convey a very meaningful message in an entertaining platform.

Aravind ( Biju Menon) hails from Anappara and now run a merdical store in the city. His wife Priya( Lakshmi Priya) is an accountant in a private firm. Their world turns around Ashwin- Manu their only son.

Salt Mango Tree shows how the middle class family fight their battle to climb up in the society and the ways they do their best to cover up their ignorance in English. Ashwin find it really tough to clear any entrance exams for class I.! and the whole family even join special classes in order to achieve it.

Even though Aravindan and Priya are good natured and sociable they also have their own envies and fights. Priya’s bother is married to a German lady, who want to learn Malayalam and at the same time Priya want her to speak in English to Ashwin.

As the name suggests Salt Mango Tree understands Malayali psycho very well and strikes almost all the right chords. Even though it may not reach the level of Vellimoonga, this movie give enough moments to laugh and think, and stand a step above in social commitment.

Music and background score does nothing much to the movie. And once again its a Biju Menon show. Second half offers value for money, even-though first half is just satisfactory.

A must watch for parents with small kids – our little stars – let them shine.

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