Short Films

  • SHAEEY – Malayalam comedy shortfilm

    SHAEEY – Malayalam comedy shortfilm

    Malayalam Short Film Shaeey – A Comedy flick that revolves around the life of an engineering student . His tragic life just after four years of college with parental pressure all round. It tells about his dreams, that of finding his girl, and his adventures..

  • Cherunaranga – Short Film

    Cherunaranga – Short Film

    This is a malayalam comedy short film. Cheru naranga malayalam short film really includes lot of campus comedy sequences and it really contain the flavour of campus enviornment.Have a juice of Cheru Naranga. Director/Writer Producer Story Music Studio Video Cast & Crew

  • Thirakalil Olipicha Manaltharikal

    Thirakalil Olipicha Manaltharikal

    A dream that arouse in the mind of a person, the idea of a set of youthful people from their ‘Coffee Bream’ time, when discussions changed it to reality, the cinema of togetherness was born. It speaks of the people who gets misplaced due to..